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We’re on mission here at the Vineyard, and we’d love for you to join us! We like to think of ourselves as a team. A bunch of different people from different walks of life who’ve committed to come together to Experience God, Grow in Love and Give it Away! 

Everyone is welcome to take part in what is happening at the Vineyard, so we don’t have a formal membership process. That being said, we do recognize the value of commitment and its positive influence on our growth as people.

Team Vineyard are people that are taking their involvement at the Vineyard and their faith journey to a whole other level. If you want to know what it means to be on Team Vineyard, take a look at what follows.

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Every heart longs to meet with God, hear His voice, and encounter His Presence. It is in worship we can say ‘Yes.’ to this deepest of desires, and find that God has been anticipating the moment as much as we have.
— Vineyard USA

Sunday services are a special time for so many reasons. We come in expectation to encounter the living God as a body of believers through worship, teaching, fellowship, and prayer. Members of Team Vineyard value the significance of gathering together on Sundays and have committed to doing so regularly.

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God loves fellowship and community. As a triune God, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit are always connecting. Jesus spent much of His time on earth surrounded by a group of 12 friends. We’re no different. As people created in the image of God, we desire real relational connection but we don’t always know where to find it. Our solution? Small groups. Our small groups provide plenty of opportunities to cultivate the true and authentic friendships you crave with other people who care about Jesus.

We have two small group semesters, fall and winter, each running 12 weeks long. A catalog comes out a few weeks before every semester so that you can check out a wide variety of options and choose a group that fits your personality, schedule, and season of life. 

Check out this page for more information about Small Groups.

For any other questions, contact John at (Detroit Lakes) or Laura at (Park Rapids).


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Because God has been so generous in His love for us, we respond with generosity by pouring that love out on others. There are a few different ways to do that as part of Team Vineyard.

First, you can give of your time by joining a ministry team. It takes a lot of people to put together our Sunday services, and God has given you unique and specific gifts to help out. Wondering where you’re needed? Head on over to our Ministries page to find the right ministry and contact person for you!

If you want some direction in discerning the gifts you’ve been given, check out this online assessment created by our friends from the North Phoenix Vineyard Church or this printable one created by Lakes Area Vineyard Church to get a better idea of where you might fit into the puzzle.

Another opportunity to give God’s love away is by giving of your resources. Team Vineyard members do this through regular financial giving either during worship on Sunday mornings or online here. You can even set up automatic payments to make your life easier!

Still unsure whether or not you’re part of Team Vineyard? Let’s break it down: if you are doing 3 of the 4 practices we talked about (attending church regularly, joining or leading a small group, serving on a ministry team, or giving regularly) then you’re on the team!

Want to learn more about who we are before committing to the team? Come check out one of our welcome lunches. This is a great time for you to gather with us and other visitors over a delicious meal to meet the staff and ask any questions you may have. Check this schedule to see when the next one is or click on the "Event" tab at the top of the page. We’d love to see you there!